A Massive Thank You to Local Stores

Recently, one member of our fundraising team has been contacting local stores asking for support in giving our offices a spruce up to make them a brighter working environment.

With funds going towards the services, our offices often go without a much needed touch up. After years of waiting, we are now looking to redecorate our offices and making them brighter for everyone who works there and visits us for meetings and interviews.

One member of our fundraising team has been working hard, contacting local shops to ask for paint donations to give our walls a fresh coat. With last year’s colours and pots of unused paint, we now have a little stash ready for when we are ready to decorate.

A huge thank you to Billericay HomeCare and Bunnings in Basildon for donating these three crates of paint pots and more! This paint will go towards making the office a happier place and if there are any left overs, it will go towards our Reuse & Recycle projects.

Thank you!

If your company has any paint that cannot be sold and would like to donate them, please e-mail fundraising@hamelintrust.org.uk or call 01277 653889.