Billericay Pilgrims Townswomen’s Guild

We had a terrific treat this morning when a member of the Billericay Pilgrims Townswomen’s Guild arrived bright and early at Hamelin House.

Ms Norman was there to make a donation from all the wonderful ladies who make up the Guild.  Their donation came in the form of two beautiful, hand-knitted lap quilts that will be used by the children with disabilities who use this service.  These brightly coloured blankets will be perfect those who use wheelchairs when out on day trips or by anyone at the House who wants to curl up and feel cozy.

We would like to thank everyone at the Billericay Pilgrims Townswomen’s Guild for their donation.  We do not even dare to think about how many hours it must have taken you, and whoever else was involved, to knit all those squares and then sew them together.

With left over wool from projects of their own and not enough for something complete, the Townswomen’s Guild knit patches that become handsome lap quilts.  Not only is it cutting down on waste, but it also means the children with disabilities at Hamelin House have something new that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional!

Thank you for all your hard work and these beautiful blankets!