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Frances, our Community Support Manager explains how the blog works:-

Here we can share ideas and experiences to support each other through lockdown and beyond!

From speaking to families during this difficult time it has been amazing to learn how different routines have been adapted and the inspiring resilience of both those we support and their families.

Uncertainty seems to stand out as a major challenge and cause of anxiety. The uncertainty in these times is not a feeling we can remove but we can refocus our understanding of feeling anxious and our loss of control of our usual daily routine.

Anxiety is a natural feeling (so don’t kick yourself for being worried) and can cause a variety of both physical and mental reactions which are hard to regulate including being stuck in a negative loop. Remember though, that anxiety helps trigger our survival instinct and can be channeled to help problem solve. We all need help to take us through this life experience and therefore we would love to hear and be able to share what has helped you and your families at the moment, so please share your ideas and thoughts. It may help others!

Stay Safe

Frances and team.

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