Braving the Summer Heat

On Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th July, volunteers from RBS credit card centre in Southend were braving the heat of the summer at Sutton Bridge Farm.

So far, two out of three groups from RBS have managed to get through a couple of hot days at Sutton Bridge Farm. Luckily, there was plenty to do under the shade where they were preparing the woodland area for the summer. It was still hot under the canopy of leaves, but the sun was off their backs.

The groups started with weeding the entrance to the woodland area and then weeding as much of this little walk as possible. The jetty was cleared of dirt and weeds that were creeping through the fencing, then sanded and painted to make it fresh. With this done, visitors to the farm can now sit and watch the fish in our pond and the spouting water feature.

Further down the path, RBS volunteers had cut off small shoots growing from the trees, providing the pathway with a speckling of light. In doing so, they also discovered a birdhouse that had been covered by ivy during the winter.

With the weeds and stinging nettles hacked back and garden furniture nicely cleaned up, the seating area is now as welcoming to visitors as it was last year.

We are looking forward to meeting our last group tomorrow, but we will be sad when you are all gone.