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Become a Trustee

What is a trustee?

Trustees are the people who oversee everything a charity does. They set the organisation’s strategy and have overall responsibility for the charity’s work and its finances.

They’re volunteers with big responsibilities but being a trustee is a rewarding way to make a difference. You’ll develop new skills and experience and meet a whole range of new people.

You’ll also have the chance to shape, support and contribute your ideas and knowledge to an organisation. Trustees work collectively as a board and take decisions at formal board meetings.

Hamelin Trust has a board of trustees usually between 10 to 12 people and we are always on the lookout for new people to join. The current board has professional expertise, such as management, finance and fundraising, but you don’t need to be a specialist to be valuable. Fresh perspective, commitment and some common sense are some of the most valuable things a trustee can bring.

At Hamelin the trustees support and challenge the management team, who look after the day to day management of the charity.

The trustees usually meet formally four to six times a year. Between meetings, you’ll be expected to read papers and keep up-to-date with what’s going on in the organisation. You may take on other commitments such as visiting specific projects or occasional management meetings.

Becoming a Trustee

No formal qualifications are needed, and the time required can often fit easily around other commitments. Most people have skills, knowledge or experience which they can bring to a charity.

Why not drop us an email of you interest to find out informally and without commitment about the role of a trustee and understand how your skills can benefit our charity