Christmas Tree collection

We know Christmas can be a stressful time with lots to think about, so let us take one of the less enjoyable tasks off your hands. (Before you ask, we can’t help with the washing up, or take grandma home when she’s had one too many sherries.)

What we can do is dispose of your tree in a hassle-free way. You’ll also be spreading some Christmas cheer and making a difference to disabled people at the same time.

Hamelin Trust is your local disability charity. From 10th to 12th January we’ll be collecting real Christmas trees across the SS4 1, SS4 3, SS4 9, SS5, SS6, SS7, SS9, SS11 and SS12 postcodes in exchange for a donation.

No need to wait for the council collection, or cram it into your wheelie bin!

Bookings are now open, register your tree at and find out what we do with the trees we collect.

Thank you to Skye Cloud, the UK’s best in class cloud service provider, for their support and sponsoring the collection.

90% of autistic people and adults with learning disabilities in Essex do not receive regular funded support. Your donations will enable Hamelin Trust to reach more people who are currently not getting the help they need to live the life they want.

Thank you for making a difference.