From Fashion Show to Dressmaker Competition

In December last year, Sew Much Fun held their annual Fashion Show where service users had the chance to show off their projects.  They had researched a particular time period, between the 1940s and 1970s, designing and then creating wonderful outfits for us all to see.

And now, even more people could have the chance of seeing the work of two designers!

Like everyone at Sew Much Fun, Charlotte and Nathan worked hard on their projects.  They have created two spectacular dresses that have been submitted into the Dressmaker of the Year Awards!  Both have been submitted into the Vintage and Upcycling categories for making period outfits out of recycled materials.

Charlotte’s beautiful ensemble was made out of curtains graciously donated to the project by supporters.  These defunct drapery were cut and shaped into a 1950s full skirted dress with a fitted jacket.  Being a fast and skilled sewer, filled with dedication for her creation, it only took Charlotte two months to put together!

When asked what she thought about the project, Charlotte replied: “It was good.”  It certainly is!

Nathan put together an elegant evening dress.  Based off the Belgium haute couture style in the 1950s, there is no way anyone would realise it has been made out of curtains and a silky duvet cover.

Standing next to his dress, Nathan said: “It’s the best dress I made in my life.”  Stitched by hand and dedication, Nathan was pleased his dress was completed in time to be modeled in the Fashion Show last year.

Both Charlotte and Nathan were working with partial patterns and had to work out how their dresses should look from their research.  With their own patterns and fabric, their efforts might name them Dressmaker of the Year  in their categories and win them some amazing prizes.

We all wish you the best of luck!

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