From Students to Officers!

It was back in March that we were first contacted by a student from the Essex Police College, informing us that they had chosen to support children with disabilities at Hamelin House.

Since then, the students from F3 Intake worked hard to raise funds to help improve the lives of the children who use Hamelin House while studying and training to become the next faces of the Essex Police Force. From collection tins in their classrooms to quiz nights, these students had already done so much for the children using this service. They went one step further by getting their hands on some sports memorabilia and selling an Arsenal t-shirt.

Their biggest challenge was when they headed to Wales to climb Snowdon, the tallest mountain in the UK outside the Scottish Highlands. Before they had even got to Wales, they had smashed their fundraising target, raising £3,374 online!

After returning the collection tins, these fantastic students have now raised a whopping £3,601.50!

Of course, by “students” we actually mean “police officers”. All their hard work has paid off, not just for the children with disabilities who use Hamelin House, but also these wonderful, newly fledged police officers.

Friday 13th July was everything but bad luck for these dedicated, former students who graduated from college! They kindly invited along David Firth, one of our Trustees, to witness their transition from students to officer. They all looked smart in their uniforms with their polished buttons – they are truly police officers we can be proud of.

Thank you all for everything you have done for Hamelin House and the Trust altogether. We wish you luck in your career and for all future endeavours!