News from the Chair Feb 20

The Board of Trustees has recently met to agree Hamelin Trusts future strategy.  The charity has been experiencing significant financial difficulties for several years and a turnaround plan has been implemented to safeguard the future of its services to vulnerable adults and children wherever possible.  However, services have been closed where funding was no longer available for their continuation.  Whilst the charity remains somewhat fragile financially, Trustees are confident that its future is secure.

One major reason for this is that the Board has been successful in acquiring the property formally known as Hamelin House in Stock Road and has put it up for sale.  This is to ensure the ongoing financial sustainability of the charity.  The proceeds of the sale will allow Hamelin Trust to clear short-term expensive debt and overdrafts, set money aside for essential repairs to its other buildings which are very much needed and to establish the level of reserves required by one of its regulators, the Charity Commission.

The property has yet to be valued, but it is hoped the proceeds of the sale will cover the necessary expenses outlined above and consequently provide Hamelin Trust with a secure foundation from which to continue providing services for the future.