Thank You THB Solicitors!

Yesterday Donna, Carly, and Sophie from THB Solicitors visited the Hamelin Trust head office to give our supporters two talks.

These three wonderful solicitors gave up their free time to give these talks about will writing, the importance of a lasting power of attorney, who can become a deputy, and how lifetime trusts can be used.  They gave attendees in-depth details about all these points and more, informing attendees of various different trusts they could set up and the duties of executors and attorneys.

With some printouts, packed with more information, they told attendees the difficulties not making a will or choosing a lasting power of attorney can cause loved ones.  Examples were given of unnamed individuals who have struggled due to loved ones being unprepared for the future, a reminder that we should all have plans made.

In the end the Q&A sessions overran, with attendees asking about processing paperwork and asking for recommendations for current or future wills.

We would like to say a huge thank you to THB Solicitors, especially to Donna and Carly for organising and giving the talks!

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who came along!

Are you interested in writing your will?

If you could not make it to either of our talks yesterday, but would like some information about making a will, you can request a booklet that we made available at both talks.  It details how to write a will, make amendments, and more.

To receive a booklet, please contact our legacy department by e-mailing or calling 01277 653889 (option 5).