U Matter 2 – Bringing Carers Together

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U Matter 2 is an innovative one-stop multi support service where carers can choose from a comprehensive range of support.

Our service is easy to access and available free to any unpaid adult carer living in Basildon, Brentwood, Rochford, Castlepoint and Chelmsford.

U Matter 2 seeks to meet the specific and individual needs and aspirations of carers by delivering a service that is personalised and flexible to change as the needs and wishes of carers change over time.

Through co-production the U Matter 2 service has evolved since 2015 to be a service that offers the type of support that carers tell us they want, where they want it, when they want it and how frequently they want it.

20151018_143536We provide support to the carer in activities such as hospital appointments or simply enjoying an outing out with the person that they care for, their children or others – an activity that would not be possible for the carer without additional support.

All of our activities and support aim to increase the independence, health and wellbeing of carers and reduce the isolation often created by caring for another thereby reducing the risk of carer ill health.

We recognise that a caring role places individuals at risk of isolation from friends, family and their local communities. Our activities create opportunities for carers to build new and maintain existing social networks, hobbies and interests and sustain what they value about their own lives. We believe that maintaining a sense of self enables carers to look after their own health and wellbeing builds their resilience to the challenges of the caring role.

Our support to carers is delivered in blocks of 8 weeks allowing us to offer immediate assistance with the greatest challenges that carers tell us they face. This intervention is often delivered at times when carers are finding their responsibilities insurmountable and where crisis point has been reached or is imminent.

The remainder of our on-going support then allows us to identify and put in place some practical solutions and signpost carers to other sources of support i.e. carer assessment and suitable activities.

We are able to give carers a complete break from their caring role by supporting ‘cared for’ individuals through our CQC registered domiciliary care service which has a current CQC rating of ‘good’.

Check out our latest U Matter 2 timetable here by clicking on the link below:

U Matter 2 timetable

Contact our team for more information on:

um2@hamelintrust.org.uk – 01277 653889 Press Option 8