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Hamelin Trust, in partnership with other organisations, provides work training and employment opportunities, some of which have been assisted with monies from the European Social Fund (ESF).

Hamelin Trust is part of a multi agency partnership, which established Workskills Essex to provide a range of work training and employment opportunities for disabled people.

In addition to Hamelin Trust, this wider partnership includes:

  • Essex Coalition of Disabled People
  • Essex Disabled PeopleĀ“s Association
  • Employ-Ability
  • Frontline
  • Interact
  • MACA
  • Maldon (Essex) MIND
  • Matrix
  • Mencap
  • Realife Trust
  • Rethink
  • Salvation Army
  • Shaw Trust
  • Social Firms for Essex
  • Women ReturnerĀ“s Network

Employment Related Projects

The Trust is directly involved in the following schemes:

  • Furniture Restoration
  • Roots & Shoots
  • Revitalise

Furniture Wanted

To donate good quality furniture please contact our Depot on 01268 414100

Roots & Shoots

Please contact Ricky on 07833 241205 if you want to purchase services, donate plants and/or tools or equipment.


Please donate all your unwanted computer equipment (excluding CRT Monitors).

Contact RevITalise on 01621 855954 or see full details